One Night, One Project

electrovaganza_0.jpg electrovaganza_1.jpg electrovaganza_2.jpg electrovaganza_3.jpg electrovaganza_4.jpg electrovaganza_5.jpg electrovaganza_6.jpg

Electrovaganza was an awesome event held post Get Electrified 2. It was an electronics hackathon where we had to complete a project alloted to us in one night. The second get electrified session taught us about op-amps and various sensors. So the projects (speedometer,pedometer,air guitar) in electrovaganza mainly concentrated on this topics. We had formed groups of 8 students and each group was alloted one project and a mentor. It was a great learning experience as our group designed the circuit from scratch or the first time. We got to learn as many as three ICs during the course of project. And yes, we faced lots of problems while making the project but the mentors helped us debugg and complete our projects in time.

Darshan Tank