Electronics Club, IIT Bombay

The electronics enthusiasts of IITB

About Us

Want to know how a computer works, or how to design a weird circuit? Well, this is the place for you!

The Electronics Club is a community of electronics hobbyists and enthusiasts within IIT, Bombay. We conduct various events and sessions through out the year to bring out the techie in you. The newly commissioned Tinkerers’ Lab provides an excellent place to experiment and try out new things.


We maintain a community blog! Check out the latest blog post:

Get Electrified 3: Posted by Mayanka Medhe on April 24, 2017

We also have a great set of tutorials on AVR, Arduino and more to help you get started with tinkering!

Club Reviews

We have gotten some great feedback and reviews for our activities! Here are some.


The Electronics Club envisions to nurture your engineering maturity by giving you practical and hands on exposure. We aim to fill in the void of Electronics hobbyists in the institute by providing a platform where the theory learnt in classes can be applied in the real world.