What The Hack!

Self Ideated Projects Made

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“What the Hack “ was a one of it’s kind event organised by the Electronics Club! For the first time, we were a part of the ideation and we decided what we wanted to make in a night out. There were many brilliant ideas that were given like “Self filling water bucket”, “Automatic Door Lock” and so on. Each idea was allotted a mentor. Me and my friends, who were working on Automatic Door Lock, just like others, spent our time first on the how we could make it work. Under the constant guidance of our mentor, Sudeep Salgia, we finally were able to get the perfect idea of execution and and started working on our devices. Fortunately we were able to finish just in time to enjoy the pizzas brought for the midnight snacks with the excitement of completion. Overall we had the best times of our lives making a device of our own choice all by ourselves. Thanks team STAB !!

Dhrumil Shah