A Convener's Review

Electronics Club as experienced by a Convener

Legacy moulds the individual it ensheathes, and each individual shapes the mould of a legacy. This legacy of electronics club has been binding the tech enthusiasts in the institute for the past seven years and knitting together various generations of students with expertise in electronics. Thus, it has risen to be a prominent student community among the tech enthusiasts. With the community led by zealous seniors with keen acumen and knowledge in the field of electronics, it has been the hub of tinkering and hobby projects and a great platform for the passionate juniors. And it has definitely been an enriching experience to be a part of this community for the past two years and see it grow and evolve. From attending the sessions as a freshman and exploring this world to being convener and reliving the experience in making the juniors a part of this legacy, it continues to be fun being a part of this community.

I was the convener of electronics club 2015-2016 and thus had been closely associated with the activities of the club. Also, as a convener, along with my team I was involved in the leading the activities of the club and building the community. From organizing and taking sessions for the freshmen to help the enthusiasts tinker around to build some cool stuff ourselves our team did it all. Besides all the fun we had in working together, this taught me the power of community knowledge and learning and how there is learning in teaching. As a senior of the community, I myself also learnt a lot in teaching the juniors about electronics and how simply can one explain and learn the circuits which look complex. Also, it is so pleasing to watch the satisfaction of the fellow mates and novices when something they made themselves works. This is just a glimpse of what this club has to offer.

To keep it short, this community is a congregation of electronics enthusiasts with actively participating members and being a part of this has been simply amazing. We are certainly heading towards making this community a great resource of knowledge and people that is not just confined within the boundary of this institute.

Sudeep Salgia
Electronics Club Convener 15-16